Maya Zhaym

Holistic Wellness

Believe you can live a

Balanced & Harmonious Life

Personal Coaching

We’ll invite possibilities in, creating a safe environment that allows ideas, options, and opportunities to emerge.

Holistic Wellness Lifestyle

We’ll focus on mind, body, and spirit as a whole in order to achieve optimum physical and mental health, inner peace and self-love.

Goal Setting

We will identify goals that are most important to you, so we can begin to figure out ways you can make them come true. You develop the attitude, abilities, skills, and financial capacity to reach them. You begin seeing previously overlooked opportunities to bring yourself closer to the achievement of your goals.  

Relationship Coaching

Couples who want to create MORE in their relationship will definitely benefit from relationship coaching, especially if they are committed to a better future for the relationship. Good relationships just get better through the process of coaching, because we work on improving clarity and communication.

Stress Management

Working on identifying the triggers of stress will allow us to develop new ways to respond to situations rather than react. We will work on mind, body and spirit from a holistic perspective in order to minimize stress and create balance and harmony in your life.

Career Path Balance

We will work on identifying your life’s mission and create a balanced path to get there. Doing what you love is key to a successful and balanced career. We will identify what’s your hearts desire and develop steps to follow that direction. 

What Is Life Coaching?

As your hollistic wellness coach I will help you unlock your full potential to excel and live a balanced and fulfilling life. We’ll work together to move you forward from where you are now to where you want to be. We will find the answers within you to overcome any mental blocks or self-limiting bliefs that might be holding you back and take the steps to achieve your goals and transform your life into a super positive and harmonious life.

Intensive Life Coaching


Most people can recover from a traumatic experience. Some survivors need a little more help than others. That’s where intensive life coaching can be genuinely beneficial. This process is so powerful that it can even help people recovering from the impacts of victimization from human trafficking activities. We’ll create a safe environment where we move forward at whatever speed feels comfortable.

Life Coaching Podcast

Aligning mind, body and spirit in order to heal and create a healthier, happier and balanced lifestyle. Reach out if you’d like to learn more about meditation and its benefits, and holistic healing focusing on mind, body and spirit as a whole for a more balanced lifestyle. ❤️ Subscribe to receive a new video every weekend: Maya Zhaym on YouTube

Coaching Packages

We can work together from just ANYWHERE you are through phone call or video chat! Want to learn more about coaching, and see if we’re a good fit? Schedule your complimentary 30-min Intro Session.

1 Individual Session*

One-on-one coaching for you looking to overcome any blocks that might be holding you back from living your best life. 

More Details

Let’s work together to move you forward from where you are to where you want to be!

(Up to 60 mins each)

Couples session*

Looking into coaching with your partner? We’ll work on achieving more clarity and better communication in your relationship.

More Details

(up to 90 mins each)

Group session*

If you have a group of people that needs guidance and clarity, we’ll work together allowing everyone in the group to have a voice.

More Details

(minimum 4 people – up to 2 hours)

Price is per person. 

About Me

Hi! I’m Maya Zhaym, and I want to share a little bit of my story with you, with the hope to inspire you on overcoming any mental blocks or self-limiting beliefs that might be holding you back from living your best life. I was raised in Brazil in a poor neighborhood and a family of heavy drinkers.

My dad had a heart attack and died at the age of 37, when I was only 4 years old. It was a tough childhood with a lot of struggle, abuse and violence. Which was considered normal back then.


“Maya is a beaming light of love who penetrates the deepest parts of your soul.”
Richard Seaman

“Maya – Somewhere over the rainbow is where you will find her – As her positive person brings the light out in others!”
Tyrice James

“Maya shoots straight with few filters. Prepare to be told the truth without unnecessary fluffs, and to face yourself and become your own best ally and asset!!”
Lee Palmore

Wellness Resources

Here are some resources that will help you move forward in the direction of your dream life!

Pursuit of Happiness: Searching for Love and Happiness

Most of us spend most of our lives searching for love and happiness. And how to achieve that? One might ask. Happiness means different things for different people. For instance, one might be pretty happy right in the middle of the rush of a big city, others on the...

Holistic Healing: Full Potential for Mind, Body, and Spirit

We live in a relative universe, which means that we only know something in relation to its opposite: we only know light relative to darkness; we only know tall relative to short; we only know good relative to bad; and so on. And I believe that God created the universe...

How to Love What You Hate

Another Monday morning, the sun was rising, the birds were singing and the wind chimes sang to my heart. I was blessed to be doing yoga with my daughter in our living room. Being a single, on the go mom, I have to multitask our day. So before we started our yoga...

Love & Relationships

Love Language Developed by Dr. Gary Chapman Dr Gary Chapman writes about the importance of being able to express love to your significant other in a way that they can understand and value. He calls this type of communicating using the five love languages. Chapman's...

Personal & Professional Vision Board

What is a Vision Board? A vision board is a simple, yet powerful, visualization tool that helps open the door to the universal ‘Law of Attraction’ and aids in manifesting your goals and dreams into reality. The concept of the vision board (also known as a goal board,...

Health & Wellness

Evolving Consciousness: How to Live a Better Life Are you fully conscious? Of course, yes!  What kind of question is that, right? The affirmative answer comes naturally to all of us, but does that make it the correct answer? Well, here’s some food for thought – are...

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