What my Clients Say


"Maya is an amazing life coach. Maya provides you a safe space and sanctuary which is completely free of any judgment. She helped me with expressing authenticity within myself. She provided guidance of overcoming certain obstacles and setting proper boundaries around myself. She is kind, receptive, and has an amazing soul!! She genuinely cares about you and wants you to become a better being from all of it. I am super grateful for her and for giving me the advice I needed. Thank you for everything."

Stacey Rardin

“Maya has abundant positive energy that shines! She uses technique + words that enable her clients to perceive things in a positive way.”

Lori Holmes

“Maya is a shinning light that infuses your soul with positive energy.”

Jan Low

“Maya, the mystical adventurer who is dedicated to living in the mystery. She is skilled at helping clients align with their divine purpose.”

Rachel Kellogg

“Maya is so sweet, caring and is truly compassionate. She’s a believer and trusts in the things unseen which is rare! Thank you for your inspiration and attentiveness, Maya!”

Lee Palmore

“Maya shoots straight with few filters. Prepare to be told the truth without unnecessary fluffs, and to face yourself and become your own best ally and asset!!”

Honey Marie Love – The Serenity Maven

“Maya has the ability to make you believe the things you question in your mind. Her passion & beliefs are so strong and radiate from her soul – shinning through her smiled eyes.”

Tyrice James 😊

“Maya - Somewhere over the rainbow is where you will find her – As her positive person brings the light out in others!”

Richard Seaman

“Maya is a beaming light of love who penetrates the deepest parts of your soul.”