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 Human trafficking occurs more frequently than the average person realizes. Although there are lots of statistics out there that express the challenges of this illegal activity, we must not forget one important truth.

Every number in each human trafficking statistics represents a life. It reflects the heartache of that person’s family.

This pain is something that doesn’t go away quickly. Some victims of human trafficking deal with a lifetime of physical and emotional scars.

We cannot walk away from these people. We should not ignore their plight or write them off as another statistic.

One of the most effective ways to start the process of restoration is to encourage enrollment in an intensive life coaching curriculum.


 Surprising Facts About Human Trafficking

 Most people think that the United States banned slavery in the 19th century. The truth is that the efforts during the Civil War era only stopped one specific type of forced bondage.

Human trafficking, which is modern-day slavery, wasn’t made illegal by the American government until the year 2000.

That means there could be hundreds of thousands of human trafficking victims in the shadows of today’s most modern societies. It is something that we must call out every time we encounter it.

As President Barack Obama said in a speech to the Clinton Global Initiative, “It is barbaric. It is evil, and it has no place in a civilized world.”

 Surprising Facts About Human Trafficking

We would argue that it doesn’t have any place in any world, but that is simply semantics.
Most forms of human trafficking involve labor exploitation or commercial sex acts. Survivors can be victims of this crime without ever leaving their homes. It remains covert, so obtaining precise statistics is not always possible.


What we do know are the following facts about this horrid activity.

  1. The United States is one of the world’s worst places for human trafficking.

The U.S. does not keep an official number of human trafficking victims. Government officials estimate that there are several hundred thousand victims stuck in bondage during any given year. Assuming that number is accurate, it places the country at the same level as the Philippines and Mexico as one of the world’s worst places.


Over 50,000 people from Mexico and the Philippines are thought to be trafficked into the United States each year.


  1. The National Human Trafficking Hotline receives 150 calls per day.

Since human trafficking statistics started being kept by multiple sources in 2007, almost 50,000 cases have been reported to the national hotline in the United States. This crime impacts every state. Although there are severe pockets found along the West Coast, the majority of reported incidents happen on the eastern side of the Mississippi River.

  1. Florida, Texas, and California report the most activities.

Las Vegas is one of the hottest spots for human trafficking because of the culture and high rate of homelessness in the city. From a state-based perspective, Florida, Texas, and California routine report the highest number of incidents each year.


51.6% of the reported criminal human trafficking cases reported in the United States involved sexual activity that involved only children.


  1. Sexual assault is common in the world of human trafficking.

Human trafficking does not provide a singular victim or perpetrator profile. It happens to people from every race, religion, age, and culture. About 1 in 7 runaways in the United States are victims of commercial sex acts, soliciting labor services, or domestic violence. 88% of the kids reported in these situations were in the custody of foster care or social services when they decided to run.


  1. Almost everyone purchases goods that have been touched by human trafficking.

Low-cost items are possible because of forced labor and human trafficking. The U.S. Department of Labor has a list of nearly 150 pieces made in 75 different countries that come from child labor or slavery.


  1. Over 40 million people are victims of human trafficking around the world.

The most common form of human trafficking is forced labor, which involves 4 out of 5 people who get forced into this situation. 25% of these victims are children, and three-quarters of them are either women or children.

 Intensive Life Coaching Saves Lives Every Day

  1. Human trafficking creates billions of dollars in profits each year.

Global human trafficking activities are thought to bring in over $150 billion each year to those engaged in this horrible conduct. About two-thirds of those revenues come directly from commercial sexual exploitation.


  1. It is very rare for a survivor of human trafficking to be identified.

Most of the sexual victims of human trafficking are runaway girls who received abuse as children at home in the same manner. The average age a child enters the trade is between 12-14. With only 0.04% of survivors identified in cases of human trafficking, there are plenty of hurting people who need help in some way.


How We Can Help the Victims of Human Trafficking


Three guiding principles direct our response to the blight that is human trafficking in our world today.

The first is that all forms of sexual violence are unacceptable. Even if there is disagreement about an individual’s personal decisions, we cannot justify any harm to anyone. This fact remains true regardless of where or how the abuse occurs.

Then the second principle is that every survivor of human trafficking should have access to confidential services. Because sexual violence and commercial intimacy are common components of this crime, societal stigmas and bias can target victims once they are free from this world. We must stand in a place of compassion instead of judgment.

The final truth is that each person deserves to become independent once again. Everyone deserves a chance to reclaim their power so that they can build a thriving future for themselves.

That’s why one of the critical interventions that we all can offer to survivors is a structured and intensive life coaching environment.


What Are the Benefits of Intensive Life Coaching?


Intensive life coaching is an effective intervention for the victims of human trafficking. These people have gone through challenging circumstances that no one deserves. The healing power must be greater than the injury to be useful.

That’s why this approach is necessary. When individuals have an opportunity to verbalize their feelings in a safe environment, then a profound and significant therapeutic effect on the brain occurs. Getting fears out in the open, even when it is scary to do so, is a positive component of well-being restoration.

Intensive life coaching doesn’t involve entrepreneurial motivation or self-esteem enhancement. It literally builds the foundation of an injured person from scratch. This approach is closer to therapeutic counseling and licensed psychology than something that feels inspired.

People receive the emotional support they need to continue their journey away from the evil that happened to them. Intensive life coaching can create confidence. It combines the idea of creating a new life path while looking for emotional resolutions that create obstacles to that process.

That process leads to these specific benefits.


  • Talking with someone after a traumatic incident can help an individual regain their purpose in life.
  • It allows survivors to be held gently accountable to progressive goals in a safe environment.
  • People can learn about perspective to see problems from the outside without feeling overwhelmed by their memories.
  • It can help someone find happiness again after dealing with painful situations.
  • New opportunities develop where the mind, body, and spirit can begin to heal.


How to Help Stop Human Trafficking Today


The crime of human trafficking forcibly exploits people from all walks of life. If you see something that seems suspicious, then say something.

How to Help Stop Human Trafficking Today

You can contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1 (888) 373-7888. You can text tips to 233733 or chat online if you suspect something is happening in your community.

 You can also contact local organizations in your area like Florida Dream Center or Tru Purge which can help with access to immediate assistance and other resources.

If you know a survivor, then encourage them to seek help. It is not unusual for individuals in this situation to try to fix themselves. Some people are successful with that process, but it can also create painful conditions that can lead to self-harm.


You can also support the intensive life coaches in your community who provide these services. Many provide help without charge to help survivors get back on their feet.


The only way that human trafficking stops is if we come together to do something about this problem. Recognizing that it exists is the first step we can take toward a successful outcome.

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